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Green Valley Eco Resort

Green Valley Eco Resort

– Quality Moment in Nature –

GREEN VALLEY ECO RESORT is a family friendly resort with the focus on pleasant staycation experience.

Deeply inspired from the resort name, “GREEN” means “Natural” or green environment while “GREEN VALLEY” implies the peaceful atmosphere surrounded by nature.

Suites & Rooms

– Explore more room options to suit your taste and budget –

A double storey dormitory
was perfectly build above
the beautiful lake, with the Panoramic
views of the lagoon and rainforest.

Block 01
A very unique design
dormitory in the hub of resort,
setup in a round tube size
and surrounding in a huge concord area.

Block 02
A newly developed dormitory
close to the main activities area,
guests are easily access to most of
resort facilities.

Block 03

Block 01

Block 02

Block 03

Special Promotion

Only in Run Traveller

★ #Special Offer Room Type:
Accommodates 5-6 people, only SGD238 for 1 person (Family Room)

★ #Standard Room Type:
Accommodates 2 people, only SGD248 for 1 person (Two Single Beds)

★ #Deluxe Room Type:
Accommodates 2-3 people, only SGD258 for 1 person (One Double Bed, additional charges apply for extra bed)

*The comprehensive package encompasses not only the cost of accommodation but also extends to cover three delectable meals, including a tea break, breakfast, and dinner. Furthermore, seamless transportation is seamlessly woven into the fabric of this offering, with a two-way transfer from Singapore to Johor Bahru and back. This all-inclusive price ensures that every essential aspect of your stay, from satisfying your culinary cravings to facilitating your travel logistics, is thoughtfully taken care of for a hassle-free and delightful experience.

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